What I've done today (:

Today I was supposed to meet with Chem, but she couldn't come, so I spend all the day sleeping and talking with some friends.
I've talked about Project parazzi with Kaiden Blake and more people va Skype, I think it's gonna be 'wooow'! It was really funny, though we had a Safari tour, right? haha (don't ask about this :P).

This evening I went with my mum to Kinepolis to see a movie and she's a 'not teenager fan of Twilight saga' so, we ended watching 'Remember me', that film starring Robert Pattinson.
I thought it was going to be a stupid and girly film... but i'm very surprised that it wasn't as I expected... It's a really good and hard film... the way the characters are treated, the feelings, relationships and everything, it's really hard.
I'm not gonna say anything more about the film, you must watch it to understand everything

Iris Cross ♥

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