Wait, wait, wait !! ''What kind of ask is that?'' The title, or headsite, or whatever (xD) says, ask me anything you want, and I think that it's a very interesting question ¬¬ What do you prefer, black pen or blue pen?

Yeah, a very interesting question xD Uhm... black (: It looks smarter when you write with black pen (:

Ask me anything you want (:

But on fridays you know that you have the whole weekend, class on fridays is just a little sacrifice xD Do you think roundtables are for grandma s? xD

yes... but on Saturdays you dont't need to do any sacrifice (;
What kind of ask is that? xDDDD Well.... no, yes, maybe, I don't know ._.'

Ask me anything you want (:

Yah, it was the bet! an emotional ending! xD What do you prefer? Friday, Saturday or Sunday?

I prefer Saturday, 'cause on fridays I usually have class, and sundays are for do all the homework you have not done during the weekend, and Saturday is for have fun and forget about everything (;

Ask me anything you want (:

It might be such a digimon final xD emotional, good for ones, bad for others. Do you wanna bet? xD

Kind of xDDD bet about Lost final?

Ask me anything you want (:

oh xD I wanna start with Lost too *o*,but I'm scared of the final, I might be disappointed with it, but probably I'll start Lost this summer xD What do you prefer, summer or winter? PD: You should watch ''Reaper'' too

Well, I know a lot of people who says that the final chapter of Lost is shit, and a lot of people who says it's the best final that they could imagine.... so, we'll see how it goes (:
I definitely prefer winter, I don't really like hot weather, and I like the rain and the cold while I'm in my warm house doing anything (:

Reaper, ok, I'll add it to my Summer Series List :DDD

Ask me anything you want (:

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