All in the golden afternoon

All in the golden afternoon
full leisurely we glide;
for both our oars, with little skill,
by little hands make vain pretence
our wanderings to guide.
Ah, cruel Three! In such an hour,
beneath such dreamy weather,
to beg a tale of breath too weak
to stir the tiniest feather!
yet what can one poor voice avail
against three tongues together?
Imperious Prima flashes forth
her edict 'to begin it':
in gentler tones Secunda hopes
''There will be nonsense in it!''
While Tertia interrupts the tale
not more than once a minute.
Anon, to sudden silence won,
in fancy they pursue
the dream-child moving thhrough a land
of wonders wild and new,
in flirendly chat with bird ord beast
and half believe it true.
And ever, as the story drained
the wells of fancy dry,
and faintly strove that weary one
to put the subject by,
''the rest next time...'' ''it is next time!''
the happy voices cry.
Thus grew the tale of Wonderland:
Thus slowly, one by one,
Its quaint events were hammered out...
And now the tale is done,
and home we steer, a merry crew,
beneath the setting sun.
Alice! A childish story take,
and, with a gentle hand,
lay it where Childhood's dreams are twined
in Memory's mystic band,
like pilgrim's wither'd wreath of flowers
Pluck'd in a far-off land.
Lewis Carroll (1962)
Iris Cross ♥

It is next time!

Today I was supposed to wake up at 9, but finally I woke up at 10 o'clock(too early for me...) And then, I went to Laura's house for study English because we are have applied for do the exam for the First... and we need to improve our english, seriously :___
Then, we went down town and we have eaten French fries *-*

We've bought some vocabulary and grammar books, and I've found an Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass book in english with John Tenniel illustrations!!
I fell in love with it!

And before writing this, I was watching a movie called 'Departures' wich is directed by Yojiro Takita.
It's a very good film, and it made me think a lot about life and death, and how every single person thinks and feels about it...

Well, I'm quite tired and tomorrow will be a hard day... so, GOOD NIGHT! ♥

Iris Cross ♥

What I've done today (:

Today I was supposed to meet with Chem, but she couldn't come, so I spend all the day sleeping and talking with some friends.
I've talked about Project parazzi with Kaiden Blake and more people va Skype, I think it's gonna be 'wooow'! It was really funny, though we had a Safari tour, right? haha (don't ask about this :P).

This evening I went with my mum to Kinepolis to see a movie and she's a 'not teenager fan of Twilight saga' so, we ended watching 'Remember me', that film starring Robert Pattinson.
I thought it was going to be a stupid and girly film... but i'm very surprised that it wasn't as I expected... It's a really good and hard film... the way the characters are treated, the feelings, relationships and everything, it's really hard.
I'm not gonna say anything more about the film, you must watch it to understand everything

Iris Cross ♥

You Me At Six viene a España

La productora de conciertos Under Eighteen (u18 para los amigos) traerá a You Me at Six a principios de Mayo.
La entrada será apta para TODOS LOS PÚBLICOS y ambos conciertos empezarán a las 19h. Primero habrá un DJ pinchando música u18(paramore, blink182, fall out boy, billy talent, metro station...) y luego tocarán You Me At Six en directo.

7 de Mayo: Madrid, Sala Penelope.
8 de mayo: Barcelona, Sala Razzmataz 1.

Entradas ya a la venta por 20€ y los clientes de Orange tienen 5€ de descuento.
Para conseguir vuestro código entrad en y luego entrad en e introducís el código y el descuento se aplica automáticamente.

Para los que no conozcais a You Me At Six, aquí os dejo su myspace:

Yo iré a los dos conciertos, así que espero veros allí!

Iris Cross


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