Now it’s raining outside and there has been a little storm too…

It reminds me that it’s time to do some changes and some progress, right now inside of me there’s a little storm too, I feel like I’m broken, absolutely destroyed, and that I have to do something but I don’t really know what it is…

For me, destruction is equal to creation, so let the new ideas rise up and we’ll see how everything ends.

Iris Cross


And what about storms? with its peals of thunder and lightenings *o*?

Oh, just amaaaaaaazing! It's one of the best things in life! (well, when you don't have to do anything important, 'cause it really sucks when you need to go somewhere and you can't go because of the storms!

Ask me anything you want (:

Who cares about my identity? I'm anonymous. The only thing is that you aren't an idiot like I've read !!! this web wasn't made for my answers lol, so, do u like raining days?

Haha okay. So I won't stop asking anything about you!(: Yep, I love raining days, but I prefer raining nights, like today, it's pouring outside right now! It really makes me feel alive. Thanks for saying me I'm not an idiot ._.' x

Ask me anything you want (:

Y dónde te quedarás cuando vayas a Londres?

Pueees en una residencia de estudiantes que está por... hackney central, zona 2, por el este, porque iba a ir a una que estaba en Islington pero no quedan plazas.. y esta semana me confirman que haya plazas en esa :DDD Y un dia quiero irme de visita a Bristol!

Ask me anything you want (:

Why the fuck are you so so so so... lovely :O!

Uhm... do you think that about me?? Thank you! who are you? x

Ask me anything you want (:

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